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Our Curriculum

At Las Ballenitas we take students on a journey that transcends conventional boundaries, offering a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for our students. Rooted in bilingualism, our curriculum integrates Spanish, English, and French languages, equipping students with valuable linguistic skills for an interconnected world.


In our vibrant Spanish class, students embark on a language adventure, celebrating diversity through engaging lessons that embrace various cultures.


Where students explore the language of numbers and patterns. Diverse problem-solving approaches encourage every child to thrive.


Get ready to move and play! Our sports program is a celebration of diversity through teamwork, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. 


In our English classes, we celebrate the richness of diversity through literature and creative writing. Language-centered activities inspire young minds, fostering a love for storytelling and communication.


Explore the world around us! In sociology, our young scholars delve into diverse cultures. 


Unleash creativity! In our art classes, students celebrate self-expression through various mediums, bringing imagination to life.


Our students explore the beauty of the French language and culture. Language-centered lessons promote communication skills, embracing linguistic diversity in our global community.


Joy and Expression flourish here! Students explore the beauty of diverse musical genres and cultures. 


Connect with nature! In agriculture class, students learn about the environment, sustainability, and the world of farming. Hands-on experiences instill a love for the Earth, fostering an eco-conscious mindset and a deeper connection to the world around us.

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